Ask The Author

Wolf Hollow

Lauren Wolk

Dear Jenny
I really enjoyed reading your book, Fire Colour One. However, I was left wondering, why don't we find more out about Ernest? I really loved him from the little we find out.
Adam, 13

Because Iris doesn't find more out about Ernest then we don't either. I suppose it helps us understand how hard it must be for her? 

Your descriptions of fire and the excitement Iris gets from this are absolutely beautiful.  They are mesmerising and we love them.  Are you a closet pyromaniac?
Shadowing Group, North London Collegiate School, Jeju, South Korea

Definitely. Yes! Love a good fire me.

Did you have a clear idea for the ending or did you make it up as you wrote it?
Daisy, 11

I never know the ending until about 10 pages before I write it. It's always a surprise to me too!