William Grill
The Wolves of Currumpaw

Flying Eye Books (7+)

9781909263833 (hardback)

This is a re-telling of a short story from a collection first published in 1898. Set in the plains of New Mexico this follows the story of a notorious wolf pack and the man hired to trap the pack's leader. It is a tale of how the hunter's life was changed and how this led to the establishment of wildlife conservation societies across America.

The large format of this book allows the reader a great visual experience, echoing the vast plains of New Mexico. The beautifully rendered dust jacket and end papers, inspired by Navajo and Hopi designs, usher the reader into this atmospheric tale. The colour palette is chosen with utmost care and the technique of sweeping pencil strokes evoke the setting and easily allow the scale of the desert to show the insignificance of man and wolf in the whole area. This book works on many levels, from the unobtrusive typography telling the story, the tactile nature of the endpaper illustrations to the synergy between illustration style and the setting of the tale. Text and images and are all carefully placed on the page, underlining the scale of the desert; whilst the movement of the wolves is so simply expressed. Grill's style is unique, distinctive and highly creative so much so that this books works on many levels, it is a deceptively simple medium showing a depth of richness and skill that is a testament to his skill.


A graduate of the University of Falmouth, William Grill is an exciting young talent with a slew of prizes under his belt, including being the youngest Kate Greenaway Medal winner since 1960.

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