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Hope Valley College Bookalaureates
Hope Valley,

Next meeting ...
... is Thursday this week (May 24) - we like Thursdays! If anyone who has read THUG would like to write a 250 word review of it ASAP for the Sheffield Telegraph we'll submit it and you'll get your name in print! Remember, BE ANALYTICAL!
Posted on: 22 May 2018

Good reviewing!
That's better! There are some belters there and we are well on our way to having a top shadowing page again. Has everybody seen the writing competition on the shadowing tab (scroll down to 'competitions')? Take a well-known story - Very Hungry Caterpillar? - Princess and the Pea? -Wuthering Heights? - and rewrite it as a newspaper piece, complete with juicy headline. You could go all Guardian (complete with typos) or you could go Daily Mail - it's up to you. But have a look on the website to see what you could win ... Entries need to be submitted by next Friday (25th) so be thinking about it this weekend. How does anybody feel about Friday next week for the next meeting? We seem to have done a lot of Thursdays. Put your comments on here.
Posted on: 18 May 2018

Meeting today (Thursday)
... bring your lunch and we'll get stuck in. And if you've got a book to swap, please bring it so things keep moving. Seeya in a bit.
Posted on: 17 May 2018

Do something!!!!!!!
OK - so you've got your membership cards and you've all read some of the books. I know I keep banging on about reviews but come on - we really need some more from you lot. Preferably before the next meeting (which will be Thursday again. Tattoo it on your hand.) No reviews, no biscuits.
Posted on: 15 May 2018

your membership cards ...
... are ready! Come and get them
Posted on: 11 May 2018

Thursday Meeting
We Weally Weally Weally Weally enjoyed this Weally Weallly Weally goood book, Wedd Wabbit!
Posted on: 10 May 2018

Meeting this lunch
At last! The time has come for another meeting. Come and get your logins today and get to work on this web page. And let's have some more reviewing. We need to make our page better than everyone else's!
Posted on: 10 May 2018

New year, new Carnegie
We're off! We've got a few reviews on our page now but keep them coming. And keep reading other schools' reviews to see if anyone else thinks the same way as you do. Am I the only reader who didn't think Wed Wabbit was all that Carnegie-worthy?
Posted on: 30 Apr 2018