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Pakefield Chatterbooks
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Pakefield Chatterbooks 2018

We are Pakefield Chatterbooks! We are a fantastic team of young individuals, who enjoy reading and appreciate the awards that are made for the great authors. We are trying to spread carnegie spirit to all people no matter age or preference, The carnegie explores all kinds of genres to push all people out of their comfort zones. We love the carnegie! Enjoy your book!!!

Eleanor and Jess

After the Fire by Jess
'After The Fire' is about Moonbeam, a girl who was in a fire and was put in a hospital, and then sent to a sort of prison. She then meets with the ali . . .
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Rook by katie
This book was quite short but very sad and funny this is a short review because I didn't enjoy it that much . . .
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After the Fire by katie
This book was ok I would recommend it to 12's and over, it was a bit funny too. . . .
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Where the World Ends by katie
well this book was absoultly amazing one of the best books ive ever read i reccomend it to the world xx katie . . .
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Where the World Ends by Jess
Where The World Ends is a tragic story about a group of men and boys who are stranded on an island of scotland. They try to survive on Birds and Water . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Jessie
Wed Wabbit is a very babyish book about Wimbley Woos. Wed Wabbit is an awful villain who cant say the letter R. I do not recommend Wed Wabbit . 0 s . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Eleanor
wed wabbit starts as your normal story a family ready to go on a nice holiday till the accident it will turn fidges life's upside down till the myste . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by ellie
It is a very good book I age recommend it 10 and up and I rate it 8/10 because it was a bit confusing at times but it is very thrilling. . . .
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After the Fire by Eleanor
After the fire is a thrilling book. You follow the life of a girl named moonbeam in a group called the lord legion. A fire starts and the government . . .
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The Hate U Give by katie
So I just finished 'The Hate U Give' it was a bit confusing I must admit in the first chapter but as i got through it made more and more sense I would . . .
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Where the World Ends by Jess
'Where The World Ends' is a great book about what happens when a group of boys and men are stranded on an island. It tells the story with a lot of ima . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Dan
I think Wed Wabbit is a very creepy but cool book because I didn't realise it was creepy until I started reading it. I think it is an amazing book. . . .
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Denes High School
Lowestoft, Suffolk
Carnegie book group
Benjamin Britten High School
The Book Clubbies
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After the Fire
Beyond the Bright the Sea
Saint Death
Where the Worlds Ends
Wed Wabbit
Title: Salt to the Sea
Author: Ruta Sepetys
Winning Year: 2017

It's early 1945 and a group of people trek across Germany, bound together by their desperation to reach the ship that can take them away from the war-ravaged land. Four young people, each haunted by their own dark secret, narrate their unforgettable stori


Geraldine McCaughrean

Geraldine McCaughrean is a multi-award-winning children’s author. She has now been shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal eight times, and has won once before with A Pack of Lies in 1988.  She has won the Whitbread Children's . . .