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North London Collegiate School, Jeju, South Korea
Group status: We are all closet librarians

We love reading. And cake. But we mostly love cake.

We love reading; we love eating cakes; we love cycling; we love plaid shirts; we love corduroy trousers; we love cardigans; we love country punk music and the Paisley Underground movement; we love the Fleshtones; we love climbing oreums; we love kim chi; we love Dr Martens; we love libraries (and librarians); we love Jeju; and we collect banana stickers.

Mr Guy ... and his bike

Rook by Mr Guy
Rook is an honest, gritty and tough short novel, written in straight-forward and simple prose that belies the bigger, more challenging issues that the . . .
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The Hate U Give by Mr Guy
A tough, uncompromising look at humanity that asks so many questions about ourselves and how we perceive each other, how we judge each other, and how . . .
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Tea and reading go hand in hand. But which type of tea is best when reading?

Black tea with milk
Green tea from O'Sulloch green tea plantation
Lapsong Suchong
Hallabong tea
Ginger tea
Chrysanthemum tea
Any tea ... as long as there is cake with it
Title: Buffalo Soldier
Author: Tanya Landman
Winning Year: 2015

We love Buffalo Soldier and we love Tanya Landman. So much so that we have brought her all the way to Jeju. She is ace. We haven't seen dolphins, we haven't had noodles, we haven't seen the haenyo but we have mastered chopsticks. Almost.