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Oakfield First School
Windsor, Berkshire
Group status: We are beginninjg shadowing early this year- we don't want to run out of time! We are already looking forward to getting started on reading and sharing the shortlisted books!
We have been shadowing for years now!90 pupils from Yr 3&4 make up 3 classes. Our teachers plan our Literacy activities around the shadowing. We do a lot of Visual Literacy in our school, using film, paintings, artefacts and of course book illustration, so Greenaway is perfect for us! It is such a good way to learn "reading" pictures. Dare we mention- it also helps us to address the Assessment Foci in our Reading in an exciting way! A fun way to learn.

St. Peter's C.E. Middle School
Old Windsor, Berks
Brigidine School
Trevelyan Middle School
Windsor, Berks
What is your favourite thing to look for in a book?