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Phillip, St Augustines Catholic College


The book Rook was well constructed and the author did appear in control of the plot. I feel like there was a connection between the rook and the narrator as when the rook was nearly dead, the narrator was angry, sad and many unfortunate things were happening to him. Later on in the story, when the narrator thought the bird was dead, he got banned from his school. At the end, the bird was happy and was able to be released, and the narrator was happy too and was no longer banned from his school.

The characters were all believable and convincing as they acted consistently in their characteristics throughout the book. They also interact with each other convincingly. The character Kenny develops though the book, as at the start he is portrayed as a dumb and dependant character yet at the end of the book, he proves himself to be an independent and intelligent being.

The book was very descriptive creating a vivid picture in the readers head. Also good language techniques were used, such as pathetic fallacy. However I think the book had a very long build up and it wasn’t until halfway through that something interesting happened, so I think there should have been a shorter build up.

Overall I enjoyed the book Rook and I would recommend it to people who want an accessible short read. I would rate this book 7 / 10.

Posted on: 16th April 2018 at 02:21 pm

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