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Mrs Harrison

Driffield School, East Yorkshire

This was a good story that kept me interested. I do think it should be rated as a 16+ and should ma. . .
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Herne Bay High School

An teenage book for older people. Quite good.. . .
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Lancaster Royal Grammar School

"Release" is a book by Patrick Ness. In the story, the protagonist, Adam, comes to terms with his fa. . .
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Alsager LRC Shadowing Group

The main character is faced with the task of telling people about him and how his boss tried to rape. . .
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St Sampson's High School, Guernsey, Guernsey

The use of the main character being homosexual whilst struggling with his families' opinions was suc. . .
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The Eagles, Berkshire

Release by Patrick Ness is a book full of adventure that grabs your attention as soon as you open th. . .
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Toot!, Nottingham

There is no denying the fact that Patrick Ness can write. His words are captivating and poetic. . . .
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John Masefield High School and Sixth Form , Herefordshire

This book shows an eye-opening perspective on being gay. It shows how the things people say can impa. . .
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Release by Patrick Ness is a book about a single day in Adam Thorn's life. In general, I think it's . . .
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It was such an amazing book and I loved the ending of it. I would recommend it to friends and family. . .
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