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Kaden manu

Minsthorpe Book Buzz

This is not a review on 'Beck' but a review on 'The Book Thief'. This book is about a young girl. . .
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Roehampton Readers

Beck is a picaresque coming-of-age novel set in the first half of the twentieth century. The central. . .
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Addey & Stanhope School, London

This book is about an orphan named Beck trying to find his place in the world. I like the book becau. . .
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Addey & Stanhope School, London

I like the book 'Beck'for its story, even though it has its dark moments. I think, for a children. . .
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Addey & Stanhope School, London

It was good but when i read it I was like what is this adult humour! But I still enjoyed the book.. . .
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The Warwick School, Surrey

I believe that this book, though not suitable for the age range, has been very well written. I think. . .
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Hemdean Bookworms, Berks

Beck is definitely a book for older kids (teenagers). It has great passion for things that happened . . .
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St James Book Bugs

A topical gripping read but sadly one only suitable for older readers.. . .
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Mrs Wilson - Parent

Hockerill Anglo-European College

Compelling in parts, but not entirely successful. I don't think the two parts work as a whole, alt. . .
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Rednock School

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beck as it quickly got into the story, also it was a book which I COULD. . .
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