Philip Reeve

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St Ninian's High School

Railhead by Philip Reeve is a book set in the future where humanity has left Earth and settled on ma. . .
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Aston's Avid Readers!

I loved this book because it's so exciting and it's full of mysteries. It builds tension slowly. I. . .
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Max Prevezer

Dame Alice Owen's School Library

Railhead is a well-crafted book with a rich universe with deep law. Its character's are realistic a. . .
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British School of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

This is a classic futuristic yarn which portrays the life of young Zen Starling. This youth who's e. . .
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Kingston Grammar School

Similar to most of Philip Reeve's books, Railhead is a futuristic, fast-paced story, set in a fanta. . .
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The Skinners School, Kent

Railhead is a dream for fans of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Orson Scott Card's work. Rail. . .
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Carshalton High School for Girls

I read the Carnegie book Railhead. I didn't really like. Its Science Fiction, and I don't normally. . .
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Amy K

Lornshill Academy

'Railhead' is about a petty thief named Zen Starling but when the lady in the red jacket starts ch. . .
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Lornshill Academy

'Railhead' was a sci-fi book about a thief called Zen. Zen was considered petty and I enjoyed this. . .
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Amy L

Lornshill Academy

'Railhead' was an interesting sci-fi book. It was about a petty thief called Zen. I thought this b. . .
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