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Stockport Grammar School

i like the hate you give and i would recommend it to people who are above the age of twelve as it c. . .
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Pewsey Vale

The book is really good as it is written by a black author and I feel like they grew up in a neighbo. . .
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London Nautical School

I didn't like that Star's best friend died and that the police killed him. I felt quite sorry for he. . .
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Henry Box Book Club

I liked this book because it give you another perspective to really bad situations; drug dealing, mu. . .
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Weald of Kent Grammar School, Kent

The Hate U Give is an amazing book about a black girl called Starr who has experienced a traumatizin. . .
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Tythy's Tales

The Hate U Give is an incredibly inspiring book. Having read the first 10 pages and already cried, i. . .
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Caxton Readers

The Hate U Give is a book that doesn’t merely makes you have a good time but makes you reflect upon . . .
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Sheldon Shadowers, Wilts

The Hate U Give (T.H.U.G) is a good book that addresses the issues for black people in the modern da. . .
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Faringdon Community College, Oxon

The Hate U Give is an expertly written book about a girl who all she wants to do is speak out but is. . .
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Ashmole Academy

The Hate U Give was a captivating story that reinforced racial-related issues that are often not pub. . .
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