Salt to the Sea

Ruta Sepetys

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Chipping Norton School, Oxon

I found it a difficult to get into the book because of all the different characters and I don't und. . .
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Skinners' Kent Academy Shadowers, Kent

This book, my first one, is in my top three favourite books of the Carnegie Medal. This is because I. . .
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Carshalton High School for Girls

It was very interest. An informative tale about young people's lives during the war from different . . .
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Falinge Reads

I have learnt a lot about history from reading this book and what some people have gone through duri. . .
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Chapter 7

I think this book is very interesting but complicated, I think this because the author Ruta Sepetys . . .
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Hope Valley College Pageturners

I found this book very moving and emotional which added to the tension of a great thriller. Overall. . .
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Lornshill Academy

'Salt to the Sea' is a good book about World War 2. In my opinion it swaps character a lot, which . . .
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Dylan J

Lornshill Academy

'Salt to the Sea' is set during World War 2 and tells the different stories of four refugees tryin. . .
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La Sainte Union School

Salt to the sea is an amazing book about love and finding who you are. The characters are brilliant . . .
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Bilingual Bookworms

Guilt is a hunter. Fate is a hunter. Shame is a hunter. Fear is a hunter. This is how each of . . .
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