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Pewsey Vale

The illustrations reflect the story as they are drawn in a very interesting style. The images change. . .
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Rebel Readers, West Yorkshire

King of the Sky By Nicola Davies Illustrated by Laura Carlin This beautifully illustrated bo. . .
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Westborough High School, West Yorkshire

I strongly feel that this book is a perfect, heart-warming story about the importance of a home to a. . .
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Mrs Matthews

Pinewood Reading Group, WILTS

We did like this book. Bradley thought the pictures were interesting but he also thought that some o. . .
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Philip Morant Book Group

King of the Sky is a very unique book. The illustrations show the emotion of the boy very well. It l. . .
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Christ Church Critics , Kent

King of the Sky is about a boy who lives in a grey, dismal town with barely any blue sky or sunshine. . .
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Retford Oaks Academy, Notts

This a really good book and the pictures are beautiful. It's a heart warming story and I would read. . .
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Swanshurst School Greenaway Group

I liked that the illustrator made the smoke realistic and used dark colours to tell the reader that . . .
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Squirrel Book Club

I like the illustrations in king of the sky because on some pages their is lot of detail in them,bu. . .
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Iqra H

Swanshurst School Greenaway Group

I like that the pictures are very detailed and very age appropriate. My favourite picture is the bi. . .
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