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Falinge Reads

I found this book absolutely amazing. It was so thought provoking and just shows you how corrupt the. . .
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Channing School

I really enjoyed reading After the Fire. I thought that there was never a dull moment and I also fou. . .
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Channing School

This book is quite expertly written. The ideas and themes that it includes are things that i would n. . .
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Busy Bibliophibians

I really enjoyed reading this book as it was interesting and exciting. I learnt about a topic that I. . .
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St Helen and St Katharine

After the fire is a story about Moonbeam, who lives in a very closed community where Father John con. . .
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Skinners' Kent Academy Shadowers, Kent

This book may be long and hard to read but as you get through it the plotline shapes and it all make. . .
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Loreto College

After the fire is a book set from the point of view of a girl named Moonbeam. Moonbeam lives in a de. . .
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The Carlton Academy

After the Fire is a captivating story about Moonbeams life inside the Lords Legion, we not only get . . .
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St Sampson's High School, Guernsey, Guernsey

I was expecting good things from this book after skimming quickly over the blurb and my expectations. . .
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Idsall School

This book is REALLY good. The way Will Hill orders the story is quite genius and always leaves a sec. . .
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