Mal Peet with Meg Rosoff

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Beck was a very intriguing read full of interesting characters, great description and creative ideas. . .
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College Pierre et Marie Curie, College Les Hauts Grillets, College Lycee International, British Section

Beck, by Mal Peet, is the story of an orphan from Liverpool who gets sent to Canada. There he goes t. . .
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South Molton Community College - Carnegie, Devon

The book Beck, by Mal Peet, was really a good read for me. I loved this book a lot and I think it co. . .
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Impington Village College

Beck, a book of suspense, disgusting details and a general depressing tone through out (until the en. . .
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QEA Bookworms

Beck is an emotionally tough book to read that really makes you think. Although these events didn't. . .
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Mrs Castle

Colton's Keen Readers

I was hooked from the first page with this book and then shocked by what happens to Beck in the firs. . .
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Aston's Avid Readers!

There's not much to talk about Beck because I thought the first chapter was very inappropriate for . . .
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St Helen and St Katharine

Wow! This was quite a read. This shocking story is about a mixed-race boy called Beck. It is set in. . .
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Books with Biscuits

I can't believe I didn't read this sooner! When the shortlisted books were shown to us, Beck appea. . .
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Burford School Carnegie Shadowers

Beck by Mall Peet is an excellent, well written book which explores the life of a black, British orp. . .
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