Philip Reeve

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Ezra Pusey

North Huddersfield Trust School

I do enjoy sci-fi books so I am really enjoying Railhead. I like the story line following Zen Starli. . .
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Sophie Greene

Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Devon

'Railhead' is a very clever book, it is very interesting and futuristic. I loved that there was a . . .
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Ballakermeen High School

Railhead, by Philip Reed, turned out to be rather disappointing in my opinion. The book had a pro. . .
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Merchant Taylors' Boys' School

Zen Starling is not an average boy. He makes his living on stealing things and he gets away every ti. . .
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Woodrush High School

Railhead was a really energetic book with a fast moving plot and explored a boy called zen who wa. . .
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Aldridge School

I really enjoyed this book, it is about a boy who steals to keep his family from going homeless. How. . .
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Woolmer Hill School, Surrey

Rail-head is an edge of your seat thrill ride that keeps the action going. It was interesting and gr. . .
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Caister Academy, Norfolk

At the start of this book, I found it really hard to get into but it does get better. My favorite ch. . .
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King Edward VI Grammar School

Railhead is fascinating book that I think can be summed up in the words, space train. Not just that,. . .
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CoLA Chatterbooks, London

I didn't enjoy this book like the others. It isn't the type of genre I like to read. It was the fi. . .
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