Wolf Hollow

Lauren Wolk

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Johan K

Glossopdale Community College, Derbyshire

Wolf Hollow is amazingly written, and is about Annabelle who lives in Wolf Hollow. She is a typical . . .
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Northgate High School

5 Stars! Betty was a bully and Toby was 'Jordan' but what else was going on? Ruth's life is ch. . .
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St Edward's Senior School

Wolf Hollow was an amazing book and I strongly recommend it to everyone. The ending was quite sad, . . .
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Ben Orton

Cokethorpe School

'Wolf Hollow' is a very good mystery story. You grew to like the characters more as the story went. . .
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The Park Community School, Barnstaple, Devon

'Wolf Hollow' pays homage to 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and is clearly inspired by that classic. A. . .
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Miss Pearson

Neston Book Club, Cheshire

Annabelle lives in the quiet, rural Wolf Hollow. Here minds are judgemental and gossip sprends like . . .
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Wolf Hollow, by Lauren Wolk was enchanting to read. The description in the book, and intriguing stor. . .
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Tegan Saunders

Cokethorpe School

'Wolf Hollow' is a brilliant book which allows the reader to build strong sentimental connections . . .
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Miss Cork

Victory Voices

I like this book very much as it did not have a typical ending, read it all in one sitting, couldn'. . .
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Caister Academy, Norfolk

Wolf Hollow is a truly amazing book which teaches many lessons to us young readers. My favorite aspe. . .
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