Wolf Hollow

Lauren Wolk

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Thorpe St Andrew School - Page Turners Reading Group

Wolf Hollow was a very well written book based around the main character Annabel's perspective. I f. . .
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Thorpe St Andrew School - Page Turners Reading Group

This book was one of my favourites as it was very descriptive and had quite a complex storyline. Bet. . .
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Michael W

The LAT Readers!!

I really enjoyed reading this book there was a lot of description about each character and the whole. . .
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Woodrush High School

The book 'wolf hollow' by Lauren Wolk was a very intriguing story ,following a 12 year old girl, A. . .
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Meridian Readers

Overall, Wolf Hollow is a very interesting book. It teaches many life lessons whilst telling a story. . .
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Bus Club

Wolf Hallow looks like an amazing book! But when i read it it was a bit boring and isn't my kind of. . .
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Katie potts

Belper Bookies

i loved this book! the tension carried through out the book. i couldn't put it down. the character. . .
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This book is like a rollercoaster, it takes you on a journey throughout the book and uses perspecti. . .
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Nailsea School Book Club

The author is great at keeping the suspense throughout the book, it is a great detective story and A. . .
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Witchford Wonders Carnegie, Cambs

This has to be one of my favourite books out of all of them. I found it really easy to get into and . . .
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