Welcome to our Anniversary Blog by resident blogger Jake Hope. Jake will be reading and reviewing all of the past CILIP Carnegie Medal winning books during the anniversary year. We are also asking shadowers to "Adopt a Book" and join in reading and discussing the anniversary titles in their shadowing groups.

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"Mr. and Mrs. Trepid, were middle-aged, cranky and tired, and growing stiff and cold as winter-bound trees. They believed in rules, and their rules were posted on doorways and in hallways and above each child's bed. There were general rules and kitchen rules, bathroom rules and stairway rules, basement rules and outside rules, upstairs rules and downstairs rules, clothing rules, washing rules, cleaning rules, rules upon rules upon rules. "

Ruby Holler

Carnegie winner: 2002
Author: Sharon Creech

Deliciously well drawn characters captivate readers from the start in Ruby Holler.  Twins Dallas and Florida have been living at the Boxton Creek Home, an orphanage ruled over by the rigid regime of Mr and Mrs Trepid.  The twins have been adopted many times, but have always returned leaving them insecure and haunted by memories and past event.


<p class="\\&quot;western\\&quot;" style="\\&quot;margin-bottom:" 0cm;\\"=""> Florida has withdrawn from this and views everything as a potential threat or a cause for harm. Dallas meanwhile has escaped to imaginary worlds to limit rejection and hurt he feels. This notion of withdrawing from problems and emotional hurt or damage rather than contending with it is powerful, and begins to be broken down when the twins are fostered by Tiller and Sairy, an elderly couple living in Ruby Holler. Through a gradual building of love, trust and care, a healing process begins allowing the personality of the twins to unfurl and flourish and a strong and safe relationship to burgeon between the young twins and the more elderly Tiller and Sairy.

Short chapters contribute towards a fast sense of pace and development, ensuring that readers experience a real feeling of achiement and progression as they work through this chamring story which charts the emotional growth of the twins and accompanying them on their various adventures.

The vitality of youth and the experience of the more elderly are brought into union in a fable like sense in a story that maps the way change can exert itself in our lives if we dare to connect with others, allowing them into our lives and, through so doing, arriving at a place of safety and security.


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Cardinal Heenan Leeds
Tongue Lane,

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"This book was highly recommended by our English teachers, who have enjoyed sharing it with classes in the past. We are looking forward to reading and discussing it as a group. "