Winning Year: 1957
Author: William Mayne
Title: A Grass Rope

Original Publisher: OUP
Current Publisher: Faber & Faber
In Print

An old legend provides the clues for a treasure hunt in the Yorkshire Dales. The seekers are Nan and Mary from the farm, Peter from the inn and Adam Forrest the head boy from Nan's school. The first clue was concealed in the old signboard at the inn and the last somewhere inside a hill but the one that was the most important was a unicorn. Adam was too old to bother with unicorns and thought he could work everything out by science. Mary was too young for science so called the fairies for help and prepared a grass rope so that she could catch the unicorn.

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William Mayne was born in 1928, in Hull and was educated at the Cathedral Choir School in Canterbury. He wrote more than 100 books and has received substantial critical acclaim. In 2004 William Mayne was convicted of indecent assault after a guilty plea - the charges involved children which has raised debate about reading his work. Read more