Winning Year: 1951
Author: Cynthia Harnett
Title: The Woolpack

Original Publisher: Methuen
Current Publisher:
Out of print

Twelve-year-old Nicholas Fetterlock is the son of a rich wool merchant in the Cotswolds. He gets a shock one day when his father tells him that he is to be betrothed - to Cecily Bradshaw the daughter of a wealthy clothier. But Nicholas has more to worry about than his betrothal. His father's associations and business are cause for concern.

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Middle Ages


Cynthia Harnett wrote about families at times of historical change which affected everyday life. She wrote about the development of the wool trade, the advent of printing and the development of new styles of architecture. In total she wrote six children's novels between 1949 and 1971.


Sue Doku


I discovered this book when I was 10, and it sparked a lifelong interest in history - mainly due to the realisation that people who had lived many years ago had exactly the same sort of feelings as I did..! A wonderful book that I have re-read many times over the years.

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