Winning Year: 1949
Author: Agnes Allen
Title: The Story of Your Home

Original Publisher: Faber
Current Publisher:
Out of print

This non-fiction book follows the development of the home from humble peasant dwelling to grand castle, from the prehistoric cave to modern structures of steel and concrete.

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Agnes Allen had had the idea for this book in the summer of 1943, six years before she finally wrote it. She was staying in a cottage in Oxfordshire with her husband Jack and their eleven year old son. Her son was curious about how some of the more unusual old wooden Elizabethan houses in the village were made, so it occurred to her "that thousands of children, like himself, were growing up in brick-built houses in which one turned a tap if one needed water, pressed a switch to flood a room with light, struck a match if one wanted to light a fire." So she decided to write a book for children that would "describe the ordinary homes of ordinary people at different periods, right back to the days when almost everything that made up the home, including the very house itself, was there only as a result of the personal exertions of the men and woman who made up the household."

She collaborated very successfully with her illustrator husband Jack, selecting simplified examples of the inside and outside of homes, creating black and white drawings.