Winning Year: 1948
Author: Richard Armstrong
Title: Sea Change

Original Publisher: Dent
Current Publisher:
Out of print

Cam Renton was on his third voyage, sailing to Barbados. He is just sixteen and a sea-going apprentice in the Merchant Navy with one years experience and three still to do. He has four years of study and practice in seamanship with a second mate's ticket at the end of it. He was on the first rung of the ladder that would eventually give him command of his own ship and he should have been full of enthusiasm for the adventurous years ahead.

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Born in Northumberland in 1903, the son of a blacksmith, he left school at thirteen and went to work in a Tyneside steel works. He progressed over three years from errand boy, greaser, labourer to crane driver. After the First World war he went to sea in the Merchant Service and for seventeen years sailed in tramps, steamers, liners, colliers and tankers. The sea, ships and sailors therefore became the inspiration for his later writing.