Winning Year: 1944
Author: Eric Linklater
Title: The Wind on the Moon

Original Publisher: Macmillan
Current Publisher: Vintage Children's Classics
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1903252024
In Print

This is a topsy-turvy and somewhat bizarre comic fantasy about two high spirited naughty young sisters called Dinah and Dorinda. We follow their amazing adventures that begin in the village of Middmeddlecum and continue on the other side of the English Channel. There was a wind on the moon the night their father went away and "it blew straight into their hearts, making them behave badly for a year. In this time they over-ate until they looked like and rolled like balloons, and turned into kangaroos and joined a zoo".

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The Scottish novelist, poet, dramatist and biographer Eric Linklater was a prolific writer of novels, popular histories and children's stories. He was born in 1899, the son of Captain Robert Linklater, of Dounby, Orkney.

Eric was born in Wales, but regarded the Orkney Islands as his spiritual home. His father was a master mariner and the family moved back to Orkney when he was very young. He attended the Intermediate School for boys and Aberdeen Grammar School. In 1916 he entered Aberdeen University to read medicine and English.

As a young soldier during the First World War, he was seriously wounded in France while serving with the Black Watch. He continued his studies of medicine and English at Aberdeen, receiving his M.A. in 1925. From 1925 to 1927 he worked as an assistant editor of The Times of India in Bombay. He returned to university to work in Aberdeen and in the United States, but he preferred writing.

Eric died in Aberdeen on 7 November 1974. He was buried in Orkney.


zoe brillantes


Eric Linklater's humor shines and the plot zigs and zags unexpectedly. Dorinda and Dinah will be the envy of any child who yearns to take their naughtiness to a higher level.

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