Winning Year: 1994
Illustrator: Gregory Rogers
Title: Way Home

Original Publisher: Anderson Press
Current Publisher: Andersen Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1842702327
In Print

It's night and the dark is filled with strange sounds as Shane makes his way home. On a fence he finds a stray cat that at first growls and spits at him. But Shane talks and strokes the kitten to calmness, and decides to take the 'Spitfire, Kitten Number One,' home with him. No gang of boys, or avenue of dense traffic, or fierce dog can stop Shane carrying his new found friend to the place he calls home. Greg Rogers' sensitive use of charcoal and pastel create Shane and his cat in splendid city-at-night time scenes.

Visual Literacy Pack (PDF)


Gregory Rogers is an illustrator and designer and the first Australian to be awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal.

Gregory was born in Brisbane, where he still lives. He worked in the public service, studied at the Queensland College of Art and and worked as a freelance graphic designer before illustrating book covers and picture books. He is also a talented musician, playing the cornetto, recorder and baroque guitar.