Winning Year: 2007
Author: Meg Rosoff
Title: Just in Case

Original Publisher: Penguin
Current Publisher: Penguin
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780141318066
In Print

15 year old David Case thinks that fate is out to get him. There are so many things you could do in life such as reinvent yourself, change your name and the way you look; leave home and find yourself caught up in a series of strange misadventures and even romance. But what's the point if you're not in control and if David isn't, who is?

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Meg Rosoff wrote her debut novel How I Live Now soon after her sister Debby died of breast cancer at a young age and Meg realised that life was too short to put off writing the novel she'd always been meaning to write. So she asked for a few months leave from her advertising job at J Walter Thompson and set about writing How I Live Now. She sent it to her agent and a few months later Meg found herself at the heart of a furious bidding war between several of the UK's leading publishers. How I Live Now is dedicated to her late sister Debby.

On the verge of publishing glory in August 2004, Meg was also diagnosed with breast cancer. As wonderful reviews and prizes flooded in, she had to turn to the business of survival. She is currently in remission.

Up until securing her much publicised publishing deal, Meg worked most of her life in advertising. She has also worked on People Magazine and The New York Times and did a stint as New York State deputy press secretary for the democrats in the 1988 presidential election. She also had a job writing movie titles and movie posters for Tristar pictures which she says was her best job ever.

Meg lives in Highbury, London with her husband, the painter Paul Hamlyn, and their daughter Gloria. She was born in Boston, America but has been living in the UK since 1989 and is a British citizen.




I loved the other 5 short-listers, but couldn't finish this!!! The others were in a higher league altogether. Road of the Dead should have got it!!

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