Winning Year: 2007
Illustrator: Mini Grey
Title: The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon

Original Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Current Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780224070379
In Print

You've read the rhyme, now find out what happens next in the astonishing tale of the dazzling Dish and Spoon duo, after they run away together.



Mini Grey was given her name after being born in a Mini in a carpark in Newport, Wales.

Mini attended Berkshire College of Art to do a Foundation course before going on to University College, London to do a BA Hons in English. She has also completed a Motley Theatre Design Course. After university, Mini worked as a theatre designer for several years before training as a primary teacher. This led to six years teaching in South London.

She then moved to Oxford and started an MA in Sequential Illustration at Brighton University. During her time there she completed a project on Gulliver's Travels, turning it into a pop-up book and animation. Mini is still teaching part time in schools in Oxford.

Mini has dabbled in many interests and hobbies including gas welding, making flickbooks, computer animation, learning the accordion - but very badly according she says - collecting toys and is currently studying etching.