Winning Year: 1992
Illustrator: Anthony Browne
Title: Zoo

Original Publisher: Julia MacRae
Current Publisher: Red Fox
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0099219018
In Print

Two brothers and their parents spend a day at the zoo, looking at the animals in the cages - or is it that the animals are watching the visitors? This book is a teasing examination of the relationship between man and animals, and the role of zoos.

Visual Literacy Pack (PDF)



When he was a boy Anthony Browne wanted to be a journalist, a cartoonist or a boxer. He grew up in a pub and when he was little, he would go into the bar, stand on a table and tell stories about a character he'd made up, called Big Dum Tackle.

Trained at Leeds College of Art, Anthony studied graphic design and originally wanted to be a painter. Needing to earn money, however, he took a job as a medical illustrator at Leeds Royal Infirmary. "I was going through a very morbid phase following the death of my father which is probably why it suited me so well. The job involved going into operations and doing illustrations for medical students. Technically it was an excellent training, and I learned how to use watercolour in a very tight way."

After a brief spell training as a teacher he worked for an advertising agency - which he hated because it was all too literal. He spent 15 years as a designer for Gordon Fraser's greetings cards before starting to produce picture books.