Winning Year: 1986
Illustrator: Fiona French
Title: Snow White in New York

Original Publisher: OUP
Current Publisher: OUP
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780192722102
In Print

Once upon a time in New York there was a poor little rich girl called Snow White. Her mother was dead and for a while she lived happily with her father but one day he married again.

Visual Literacy Pack (PDF)



Fiona French is not only a well known for her vibrant book illustrations but she is also increasingly sought after for her paintings which are sold in an art studio in Norwich. She uses acrylic, oil and gouache and they reflect her love of colour for its own sake. She worked for the famous artist Bridget Riley and has travelled widely.


Amanda S


This is a really clever twist on the traditional Snow White story. Simple text and beautiful illustrations which really bring the 1930's to life. Fantastic book and great for sharing with a group of children.

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