Winning Year: 1961
Illustrator: Antony Maitland
Title: Mrs Cockle's Cat

Original Publisher: Constable
Current Publisher:
Out of print

Old Mrs Cockle lives with her cat, Peter, at the top of a tall London house. She is very fond of him; he is very fond of her - but he is fonder still of fresh fish for his supper. One stormy season, when the fishermen can not catch any fish to send to London, Peter disappears in search of his favourite food.


Anthony Maitland went to the West of England College of Art, Bristol. He left in 1957 with a National Diploma in Design. He spent two years in the Army, in which he became a 2nd Lieutenant in the Intelligence Corps. He travelled around Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sicily and France in an ancient delivery van.

In Paris he began working seriously as an illustrator and now lives and works in London.