Winning Year: 2004
Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Title: Millions

Original Publisher: Macmillan
Current Publisher: Macmillan
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781447282341
In Print

Comedy is blended with real life drama in perfect balance, in this unique story of brothers Damian and Anthony who suddenly have to spend "millions" in seven days before the euro takes over from the pound. A gripping read with an exuberant plot that young imaginations will find irresistible. The novel works on several levels entwining slapstick and altruism in the same hilarious, poignant story.

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Frank Cottrell Boyce, father of seven, is an established British screenwriter whose film credits include Welcome To Sarajevo, Hilary and Jackie and 24 Hour Party People. He lives in Merseyside with his family.

In his own words, "Shortly after leaving university, I had a radio play broadcast and it led to a job at Thames Television (Education Department), where I met Michael Winterbottom who was an editor at the time. We planned to make movies. At the time everyone in England had given up on films. It was after the Goldcrest debacle so it was like saying you wanted to do door-to-door roof thatching or scrimshaw work - a lost art. I supported myself by writing for Coronation Street - wonderful fun and the nearest I've ever got to a proper job. Then we made Welcome to Sarajevo and we've made several films since. Other screenplays that I have written include: The Stranger (nominated for a BAFTA) Butterfly Kiss, Welcome to Sarajevo, Hilary and Jackie (also nominated for a BAFTA), Pandemonium, 24 Hour Party People, The Claim, Code 46 and Millions.

When I met my wife-to-be, she was planning on becoming a nun. Luckily I managed to persuade her to marry me instead. We now have seven children, ranging from twenty to two years old and we live in Liverpool."




This absolutely heart-warming book touches several issues which are very close to the minds of children today. Written in a brilliant style that is funny and sad. This is one of the best books I have ever read.

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