Winning Year: 2002
Author: Sharon Creech
Title: Ruby Holler

Original Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Current Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 0747560293
In Print

The 'trouble' twins, Dallas and Florida look likely to stay in the orphanage for good until they are invited to live with an elderly couple in a remote part of the country called Ruby Holler. This is a beautifully written story about love and trust and how the strength and goodness of human beings can overcome all the odds.



Sharon was born in South Euclid, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland, and grew up there with her noisy and rowdy family; her parents (Ann and Arvel), her sister (Sandy), and her three brothers (Dennis, Doug and Tom). In the summer they usually took a trip, piling in the car and heading out to Wisconsin or Michigan or once to Idaho. Her trip to Idaho was the inspiration for her book Walk Two Moons.

When Sharon was young she wanted to be many things when she grew up; a painter, an ice skater, a singer, a teacher, and a reporter. She says it soon became apparent that she had little drawing talent, very limited tolerance for falling on ice, and absolutely no ability to stay in tune when singing. Sharon also soon learned that she would make a terrible reporter because when she didn't like the facts she changed them. It was in college, where she took literature and writing courses, that she became intrigued with story telling.

Sharon started writing novels for adults and published two books while she lived in England having moved there in 1979. She then wrote Absolutely Normal Chaos and since then has mainly written about young people.

Sharon is married to Lyle Rigg, a headmaster in New Jersey and they have two grown children - Rob and Karin.




This is a very American book. Weird and challenging in parts, I think this clearly shows the divide between UK and USA writers. Not my favourite read.

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