Winning Year: 1978
Author: David Rees
Title: The Exeter Blitz

Original Publisher: H Hamilton
Current Publisher:
Out of print

Set in the Second World War at a time when Exeter is being bombed in retaliation for the destruction of German cathedral cities. Colin Lockwood stands on the cathedral tower as the bombs go off all around him. It's exciting until he realises how dangerous this all is for his family. How safe are they?

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David Rees was born in 1936 in Surbiton and went to King's College School, Wimbledon, and Queen's College, University of Cambridge. Originally working as a teacher at Wilson's Grammar School, London, and Vyners School, Ickenham, he moved to Exeter to become lecturer at St. Luke's College which became Exeter University. He took early retirement in 1984 in order to write full-time. In 1986 he founded the publishing company Third House with fellow writer Peter Robins. He married in 1966 and had two sons. He died in 1993.