Winning Year: 1974
Author: Mollie Hunter
Title: The Stronghold

Original Publisher: H Hamilton
Current Publisher:
Out of print

This tale is set in the first century on the island of Orkney. It was a time when fanatical Druid priests held power over ordinary people and Roman slave-raiders were frequent visitors. The young people are led by Coll, a boy whose inventive mind has devised the first chain of strongholds. Will they defeat the raiders?

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Mollie Hunter was born in East Lothian, Scotland in 1922 and has drawn many award-winning novels from her country's history. She is best known for her more than 25 novels for children and young adults. Mollie consistently attempts to incorporate a life-long exploration of Scotland's folklore and history into her tales. Her fiction, she believes, falls into three categories: fantasy for the younger reader, historical novels for those in their early teens, and realistic novels for young adults. All three types reflect Hunter's idea that a writer's goal should be to entertain as well as to express something of their own philosophy.