Winning Year: 1969
Author: Kathleen Peyton
Title: The Edge of the Cloud

Original Publisher: OUP
Current Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780192750235
In Print

Christina and Will have escaped Flambards for London with their heads full of dreams, only to find a whole new set of problems. Not only the basic ones of work and a place to live, but Will's single-minded ambition to design and pilot flying machines, which terrify Christina every time he leaves the ground. Will is certain he can become a success, but what price is he willing to pay for the glory?

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K. M. Peyton was brought up in the suburbs of London and went to school in Wimbledon. Obsessed by horses, she was unable to own a pony but saved up for riding lessons - one every school holidays - on Wimbledon Common. She had an 'imaginary' stable of two thousand horses and ponies, all listed in exercise books. She still remembers many of these 'pretend' animals even now.

She began writing while still at school and has never stopped writing since. She had written about ten books before her first one was accepted for publication by A & C Black when she was fifteen, Sabre the Horse from the Sea, published under her maiden name, Kathleen Herald.

She continued to write during her period at Manchester Art School where she met a fellow student, Michael Peyton. They married in 1950 and in the six years before their first child was born they lived in a variety of places and undertook any jobs that were available. For two years Mrs Peyton taught at Northampton High School. Both she and her husband travelled abroad, hitch-hiking and living out in the mountains, and in 1955 they went to Canada and the USA where they lived for nine months, working and travelling. They did a 150 mile trip by canoe in Northern Ontario and walked in the Rockies for as long as they could carry food.

In 1956 the Peytons bought a derelict cottage on the edge of a village on the Essex marshes. Here they worked, writing and drawing, and had two daughters, Hilary and Veronica, bought a boat and sailing became a passion. In 1970 their cottage was compulsorily purchased when a new town was scheduled for the area and they moved to another farm cottage three miles down the river where they now live.

K. M. Peyton has written many articles for the Guardian and for women's magazines, she has had over thirty novels published, mainly for the teenage market. The most well-known of which is Flambards, on which the popular television serial was based.