Kate Saunders
The Land of Neverendings

Faber & Faber (8+)

978-0571310845 (hardback)

What if there exists a world powered by imagination? A world of silliness, where humans and their toys live on long after they've left the Hard World . . . and what if the door between that world and this one was broken? Welcome to the Land of Neverendings.

Moving, raw and funny in all the right ways; a rip-roaring adventure that also gives an honest portrayal of grief for young readers, and shows us that whilst sadness does exist in the world, it doesn't have to cancel out happiness, or silliness, even when you lose someone you love.

Clever funny and sad this is a beautifully written, wholly honest portrayal of grief but also a celebration of imagination and life; with a beautifully constructed plot and a fully realised fantasy world, a credible entirely unsentimental ending and wonderfully drawn characters. The author’s skill at making one dimensional toys who have come to life into believable and often lovable beings with a personality of their own is evident throughout this unforgettable and cathartic story.


Kate Saunders is a full-time author and journalist and has written many books for adults and children. Her books for children have won awards and received rave reviews, and include future classics such as Beswitched, Magicalamity, The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop and The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix and Costa Winner Five Children on the Western Front. Kate is a true storyteller and her magical, wickedly hilarious novels allow young readers to escape their everyday lives into wonderful worlds where they are empowered to explore and enjoy themselves. Kate lives in London.

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