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St Peter's School Shadowing Group, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Group leader Hadeel Farrag says of the Carnegie shadowing scheme, "We love it!" She says the timing of the "well structured" scheme helps in "encouraging students to continue reading during the summer" and that it gets students "to read books they wouldn't normally consider," in particular ones which are "more demanding than those they usually read."

This shadowing group is run by English teacher Hadeel Farrag and librarian Debbie Trafford. Shadowing takes place as part of the school's Book Group, consisting of around twelve students from various year groups. Meetings take place year-round in the library after school, and during the shadowing period the group meets weekly, discusses the shortlisted books, writes blogs and reviews and swaps the books around. One of the group leaders will plan an activity, such as learning to write reviews or updating the group's webpage etc. Once the majority of students have read most of the books, the group begins to discuss the books. This is not done earlier in order to avoid spoiling the books for those who have not yet read them. The group also holds a meeting with another local secondary school, with a morning of discussion and activities on the day of the announcement.

The group uses the website once or twice a week. The group uses the blog, the review writing function, and the author videos, and the group leader says, "We love the fact that we have our own webpage." Outcomes hoped for here are confidence building, developing the ability to discuss books in a more detailed way and encouraging students to read more widely. The group leader says these objectives are "absolutely" met.


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