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Thomas Telford School Shadowing Group

Group leader Margaret Howells thinks the Carnegie Medal shadowing scheme is a good way to introduce kids to books they wouldn't otherwise pick up, and provides an opportunity to discuss books together.

Thomas Telford School Carnegie shadowing group is run by the school librarian and involves an entire class of twenty five pupils in the top set for English. Meetings take place weekly, in the library, in lesson time. The group is split into small groups of four or five, and each group is assigned a book and given a week to read it. Members take the books home and read them in their own time. Books are swapped around weekly, and group members are expected to read all the books on the shortlist over the course of shadowing. Until now, the group has only shadowed the Carnegie Medal but this year will be expanding to include the Greenaway Medal, with an extraction group of students with a poor reading age.

In the first session, group members sit and read the book they have been assigned. On subsequent sessions discussions are held in each group on the book read during the previous week. This is followed by accessing the shadowing website to post reviews and look at reviews posted by other schools.

The group makes use of most of the shadowing website features and 2011 will be the first time they have used the Greenaway Gallery. Impact is not formally measured here but last time shadowing took place in the school, the informal expected outcomes were met and the group leader always receives positive feedback the scheme from teachers.

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