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Burford Secondary School, Burford, Shadowing Group

Group leader Rachel Collins thinks the Carnegie Medal shadowing scheme is "very good" and aims particular praise at the website as it creates a community of shadowing groups.

This school runs a weekly reading group every Friday throughout the year, advertising for more members when the Carnegie shortlist is announced. Once the shortlist is out, the reading group focuses entirely on shadowing. In 2011 the school plans to shadow the Greenaway Medal for the first time, as half of the group members are eleven years old, which it's felt is too young for some books on the Carnegie shortlist.

The shadowing group has around fifteen members, two thirds of whom are in Year 7, the rest older. Previously it was compulsory for all members to read all the books, but this is not the case now, although students are encouraged to read all the books if they can, and most students manage to get through five books. During meetings, group members debate the books, put together presentations and redesign the covers of shortlisted books.

Group leader Rachel Collins says that hoped for outcomes are "definitely" achieved. The impact of the scheme on young readers is not formally measured, although it is usually only those who are already keen readers who participate.

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