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Camp Hill Shadowers
Kings Heath, Birmingham

Just finished Beck earlier today. Thought that it was an interesting book with a good ending. The characters were well developed, though I didn't understand all of Beck's choices. Also, I found it very hard to get into the book and it took me a while to finish it as I only read it when I felt that I could deal with the themes and emotions contained within the book. Alfie
Posted on: 10 May 2017

Wolf Hollow review
I didn't enjoy the book masses. I felt that it was a good start, and the middle was quite good, but it just wasn't developed, and by the end I felt there should be something more; I was dis-satisfied. However, I really liked the various characters, and I felt that Lauren Wolk developed them all really well, and I really could get a good feel for their personality.
Posted on: 04 May 2017

Salt to the Sea
This was one of the first books I read from the shortlist, I think the style the book was written in, with the book jumping from character to character. Dhruv Trehan 9m
Posted on: 04 May 2017

So many good reads!
Posted on: 04 May 2017

The Bone Sparrow
The Bone Sparrow is a great book about a refugee called Shubhi who lives in a refugee camp in Australia. He doesn't know what's beyond the fence, but that changes when he meets someone on the other side.... So far, it is a great book. It is really engaging and like nothing I have ever read before.
Posted on: 04 May 2017

Salt to the Sea
This was the first book on the shortlist I read and I felt it got me off to a good start. The unorthodox narration structure took me a while to instantly know who was narrating without having to think; however, once I got to grips with it I found it an interesting way to tell the story that really worked as it allowed Sepetys to explore the feelings of the characters, and how they were perceived by other characters. Overall, a very good book. Alfie, year 11
Posted on: 04 May 2017

Sputniks Guide to Life on Earth
I thought this book was written very well and was quite funny, although I thought the idea was very odd. An INVISIBLE dog that no-one can see other than Prez! But overall I thought it was a good book. By Alex
Posted on: 05 Apr 2017