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Whitmore Bookworms

More fun and games
We have been having lots of fun and games each week in our group. We have written stories about our characters and we have drawn comic strips. We have looked at and read "There is a bear on my chair", "Sam and Dave dig a hole", and "Once upon an alphabet". We have discussed and investigated how important pictures are to stories and if you can tell a story with just pictures. Which we very definitely discovered you can!! Last week we played the alphabet game coming up with characters for every letter of the alphabet. And this week as it its results week, we will find out about who won our prediction competition. We all predicted the winner from just the book and the covers. And we do have a winner!!! We have had lots of fun this year with the Carnegie and Greenaway books and still have a few more weeks to enjoy before its all over for another year. Well done to all those taking part and i hope you can all get involved again next year and share your love of books and reading with others!
Posted on: 23 Jun 2016

Crazy body swop characters.
We had great fun last week creating some crazy characters. It was an activity suggested by some of our members and proved to be lots of fun. We chose some of our favourite authors and then we mixed up the characters by each drawing a part of the body of one character without the others seeing. The results were great. We gave them all names and next week we are going to write crazy stories in the same way.... ...still loving The Lie Tree too
Posted on: 18 May 2016

Group members blog posts
These two blog entries have been written by two members of our group...hopefully it is just the first of many! BLOG ENTRY 1 BY We have been focusing on Carnegie and Greenaway awards. We have done a bet and each picked a blurb or image of the book that will win. Also, we have been reading chapters of "The Lie Tree" which has won book of the year at Costa. "The Lie Tree" is a thrilling,spooky book. We have read two chapters and have set a target for 4. It is very good and suspensful and perfect for 9 year olds looking for a scare! BLOG ENTRY 2 BY We have been reading "The Lie Tree" by Frances Hardinge. So far it is brilliant and so effective. We've been focusing on the Greenaway and Carnegie awards. They are so good I can barely choose what to read. I definately suggest "The Lie Tree" to many people. Also we are drawing pictures about the awards. Furthermore we have all estimated what book we think will win for the Greenaway and Carnegie awards.
Posted on: 13 May 2016

Well I am pleased to say our first meeting was a success. Some of the new members were a little reluctant but I'm pretty sure were happy with their decision to attend by the end of the session. All members were very excited to get their copy of the lie Tree and couldn't wait to start reading. We had some good discussions and started our first activity - predicting the winner from just the covers and blurbs, we are going to continue this next session. If anyone can successfully predict the winner then they could well be up for a prize... Hopefully everyone will turn up next week and one of our members will write our next blog entry...
Posted on: 30 Apr 2016

Today is an exciting day. Whitmore Park is starting it's first book group and what better way to start than with shadowing the Carnegie and Greenaway medals. We are a group of 9 year 5 pupils who love reading and we are being led by me, Mrs Randall - a teaching assistant at the school and ex-librarian. We can't wait to discover all the books on the shortlists and start discussing our favourites and debating the winners. Today we will be getting our first book to read which will be "The Lie Tree" and playing a match the blurb game before predicting our winners. Let the fun begin!
Posted on: 29 Apr 2016