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Moreish Reading Group

2019 Hear from our Students!
When I was told about this reading event in English I was very intrigued as I had just finished the book ?Mortal Engines? and was needing something else to read as my book shelf was pretty empty.I haven't always been a strong reader but when my school started to encourage us to read more I found books a really good thing to do before bed. I started reading ?The House With Chicken Legs? first. It was one of the few books that stood out for me as it seemed like an interesting but strange title. The book was very engaging at the start with the mention of a ?bone fence? and ?portal? that led to the land of the dead. When I finished the book I wanted to start the book called ?Rebound? by Kwame Allexander as basketball is one of my favourite sports. by Andrew, S1
Posted on: 18 Apr 2018

S2 have started to read the Carnegie books
Everyone in the S2 class chose one of the Carnegie finalist books to read. Everyone chose something that appealed to them after they'd read the blurb and watched some of the videos available on the Carnegie website. They were asked to read the opening chapter/chapters of the books and to think about what appeals to them as readers. I was impressed by how enthusiastic they were about reading books that were stylistically challenging or set in unusual locations, or had unusual central characters. The class are definitely interested in reading more and creating some interesting videos about the books, which they will upload onto our blog!
Posted on: 31 May 2017

Carnegie group starting at Morrison's.
We are very excited to start the first Carnegie shadowing project at Morrison's. We will meet in the library on Wednesdays at 12.40pm. Bring your lunch along and be prepared to chat about which book you're reading! We will write online reviews and take part in competitions. Bring along your creativity and enthusiasm for all things book-ish!
Posted on: 19 Feb 2017