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Wellsway School

Monsters of Men WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As we eagerly waited (whilst eating chocolate cake and gingerbread men) the news of the winner our hope was that the prisoner of the inquisition would win. However Monsters of men won For some there was Euphoria but for one (blogger George) there was utter despair. Whilst Fellow blogger (daniel) celebrated Euphorically (running around the library). This has been a great year asnd we look forward to next year with eager anticipation. Thanks to all authors and Judges (dan thinks you made the right decision but George Utterly disagrees) See you next year!
Posted on: 23 Jun 2011

Carnegie is drawing to a close. BUT Exciting stuff to come.
This years books having been epic, awe inspiring, exhilarating and somewhat influential books. When will their glory fade? NEVER! The book's influentiallity will leave a legacy that will remain in our hearts for an era of readers. We personally believe that next year's books will as great and as inspiring as this year's. If, that is, they conform to the style and ability of this year's writers. We would love to thank you for your carnegie support and it is our great sadness to have to tell you that this is `the original's` last year with carnegie and as a testiment to our greatness we are having a special celebration this thursday to honour our departure. Your's Truly The Originals
Posted on: 21 Jun 2011

Wellsway Carnegie 2011- Plethora of Prizes
This year we have More Fun, More Prizes and More people. During this year's Carnegie Club we have an incentive to read (not that we need one). We get prizes! This means we get lots of chocolate and we all try to guess who's going to be this year's winner. So far we have two books leading the way: The Prisoner of the inquisition and the death Defying Pepper roux. What makes us more fun and exciting this year is that we have a larger age range of people who are shadowing the different books. We now have people from year7 -10 however last year we only had years 8&9! This means that it is more interesting as we have more people's views. We will announce the Wellsway school Carnegie winner a few days before the actual announcement.
Posted on: 17 May 2011

We Were Wrong!
We've just eaten our cake off gold plates (paper!)and organised a drum roll before opening the official envelope and we feel a bit of an anticlimax. Although, we really liked Bog Child, it was so popular that we hoped that something would come from behind to win. Some of us still think that The Knife of Never Letting Go is an awesome read and are looking forward to reading the sequels. Tom is waiting for a sequel to Black Rabbit Summer, hoping that it might shed some light on what happens to Raymond. See you next year.
Posted on: 25 Jun 2009

This time we have sweets!
well we've done our votes and we coclude that the knife of never letting go is the favourite book for our school (well at least some of us). While writing reveiws and eating our sweets we've finished them all to quickly (as one poor teacher didn't get some(haha)). We'll meet to see the grand release on thursday and we think we know which it will be?
Posted on: 23 Jun 2009

Hello! We are the Wellsway Wonders from Keynsham. This is our first ever blog post, so sorry if its a bit rubbish. The burning issue at the moment is... the noticable lack of coffee and biscuits to consume while reading! Unbelievably, we are expected to read books without any food AT ALL! Join us in our plea for food. On a more serious note, our favourite books are slowly becoming clear. The Knife Of Never Letting Go is steaming ahead at the moment, with Bog Child close behind. After that comes Cosmic (which has only just come into the library). Joe and Joseph
Posted on: 16 Jun 2009