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Bacon's Book Group

The Bone Sparrow Review
Our Carnegie book club has just finished reading a fantastic book named, 'The Bone Sparrow' which we all enjoyed. The main character in this book is a boy named Subhi who is an asylum seeker from Burma that is held in an immigration detention centre in Australia. He meets a girl called Jimmie that visits him through the other side of the fence. A character that we all felt sympathy for was a character named Eli .We felt this sympathy for this character because he died and we all enjoyed his presence in this novel. Most of us enjoyed the fact that we had to wait until half way through the book to find out the actual location and setting of the novel although some people found it quite frustrating. By Nassim Boudjatit, Year 8.
Posted on: 06 Jun 2017

The Smell of other People's Houses
This is the first book that has divided us. Most of the Bacon's readers found the story hard to follow and felt that the storyline was not clear. The idea of the smell was something we found rather irritating and clumsy. We felt that the number of coincidences that led to the denouement was rather unrealistic and didn't quite work. Older members of the group really enjoyed the back stories of the characters and the period detail of Alaska in the 1970s. We all really loved the scene where Dora finally stood up to her dad.
Posted on: 23 May 2017

Salt to the Sea Review
Our group really enjoyed this book for a wide variety of reasons. The fact that the book is presented in several perspectives can at first be confusing, but as you get deeper into the book you have that desire to read on. The author definitely did a great job constructing the characters, as each character has a vivid personality and different views on the world. One thing that I particularly liked was that it reflects the horrific reality of war, and shows the shocking stakes of loss and death . Unlike the famous Titanic, the number of deaths really stunned me, and also as the author describes how desperate the innocent citizens were, it will change your view on the topic of war forever. This is certainly one of my favourite books now! Vivian Cheung, Year 8
Posted on: 09 May 2017

This book chalenged the minds of Bacons readers as they dived into the complicated, futuristic life of Zen Starling. Zen is a petty thief who is caught up in a problem and goes on a great adventure to create something that he would have never imagined! This book also portrays our planet as it is now, crippled and depressed on one end of the spectrum and rich and powerful on the other. Also, one character, Flex, deals with the current social issue of being transgender as Flex (a motorik) has the ability to change genders, which expresess the normality of this. Another character that interesed us was the hive monks, a group of insects who work together and bind thier inteligence, to become a human character. These characters also tell us that one human in a community can't do much, but several can create a society. I recomend this book. However it is quite hard to get in the book as feels lengthy, but it gets more exciting as the pace quickens. Arthur Green Year 8
Posted on: 25 Apr 2017