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Stanlney, Falkland Islands

Z for Zachariah
The first chapter reveals that the main character is young and has planted a little garden in a wilderness which is barren. But we are still to find out the disaster that has taken over this area. It is made more interesting because she thinks there is somebody there whom is searching all the roads and freeways, but we do not know yet who or what it is.
Posted on: 14 Oct 2019

A book I highly recommend!!!
I have recently finished the book Wolf Brother and it is one of the best books I have ever read, and trust me I have read many books. Wolf brother is about a young 12year old boy called Torak and his father gets killed by a demon bear. He then meets a young wolf cub and they become good friends. They then meet a girl called Ren who has to help them destroy the bear before it destroys every living thing in the forest, but little to Torak's knowledge he is meant for a bigger purpose. The book is actually written by one of the members friends wife's sister (Michelle Paver) and the book comes in a series YIPEE!!! I am currently on the second book which is equally as good I started reading 4 days ago and I am already on chapter 14. I hope you enjoy the book.
Posted on: 30 Sep 2019