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Northfield School and Sports College
Stockton on Tees,
Group status: Year 9 Book Clubs are going to be shadowing the Carnegie book awards this year.


Mrs Cady

Macmillan Academy
Newlands Catholic School FCJ
Lynnfield Laureates
Eston Park School
What is the best book series you have read?

Harry Potter
Skulduggery Plesant
Percy Jackson
Hunger Games
Maze Runner
City of Bones
Title: The Borrowers
Author: Mary Norton
Illustrator: Diana Stanley
Winning Year: 1952

Pod, Homily and Arrietty are a family of tiny people who live beneath the floor, behind the grandfather clock in the old rectory. They dread cats and being "seen". They own nothing - everything they have is borrowed from the 'human beans' who don't e