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Upper Shirley High Sapere Aude
Group status: We meet once a fortnight during Library Lessons and have all been reading different titles from the shortlist.

The School Library, where we meet

There are eight of us, all in Year 9. We chose our group name - Sapere Aude - because we love languages and it means Dare to be Wise, which we thought very appropriate.

St. Anne's Catholic School
The Order of the Nine Shadows
Searching for Unicorns
Southampton, Hants
Title: Tamar
Author: Mal Peet
Winning Year: 2005

I love this book so much I read it twice! It is a gripping story set both in the second world war and in modern times. It tells of three young people involved in secret operations in the second world war, and a girl named Tamar, the granddaughter of two o