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Crediton, Devon
Group status: Carnegie 2019 Starts NOW!

We have eight different groups signed up...each shadowing one of the eight short listed novels...It is going to be competative...GOOD LUCK everyone!

In the last few years !issue" books have become very popular...and controversial. Is it time for proper storytelling to take back its crown. Answer Yes or No.

Yes...we want to see an end to depressingly real issue books.
No we love those Issue books.
Title: The Little Grey Men
Author: \'BB\' (D J Watkins-Pitchford)
Winning Year: 1942

The last four gnomes in Britain live by a Warwickshire brook under an oak tree on the banks of the Folly. Their names are Dodder, Baldmoney, Sneezewort and Cloudberry. They are "honest-to goodness gnomes, none of your baby, fairy-book tinsel stuff. They


Kate Saunders

Kate Saunders is a full-time author and journalist and has written many books for adults and children. Her books for children have won awards and received rave reviews, and include future classics such as Beswitched, Magicalami . .