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Quests and Heroic Stories
Dunfermline, Fife
Group status: We meet every Thursday lunchtime, and we're enjoying reading the books at the moment, getting ready to post our reviews and funk up our page so each week it is different.


We are the best group there is. #thebestgroupever! Our group ranges from S1 to S3. we meet on a Thursday lunch time, at the library. Mr McKendry brings us cakes and juice. We talk about the books we have read that week and funk up our page. Our group has around about 12 people in it here is a bit about us individually: My name is Maisie, I have a dog called Elvis. I swim five times a week, my best stroke is butterfly. My favorite colour is purple and my favorite band is The Vamps ;) My name is Anna, I have a dog called Albert. I swim five times a week, when i can be bothered :) My favorite colour is blue, my best friend is Maisie. My name is Alexandra but i get called Alex, I have a dog called Skye. I swim four times a week , my two favorite strokes are butterfly and free style. My favorite book so far is Five Children on the Western Front. my favorite colour is turquoise:) My name is Katie. I'm 13. I have guinea pigs. They're called Henry and Teddy. I do athletics and I'm a hurdler. I'm half American. I like reading, my preferred genre is fantasy. :) Hi im Ben, I am a 12 year old vegetarian. I love technology. My favourite book so far has been "The Lie Tree". My favourite colour is green. My name is Yasemin, I am 13. I have two cats called Merlin and Sapphire. I live for memes. I love memes. I breathe memes. Pete Wentz is my one true lord.I live for the Holy Gemo Trinity. Live, Love and laugh your way out of awkward situations. k bye My name is Ella. I'm in third year. My favorite author is Patrick Ness and my favorite game is undertale. I live for memes k.

Lesley S

Bearsden Primary
Notre Dame High School
Dundee Libraries
Arthurstone Terrace,
A Readers
After reading all the books, which book should win the prize?

The Lie Tree
Fire Colour One
There Will be Lies
The Rest of us just Live Here
5 Children on the Western Front
The Ghosts of Heaven
Lies we Tell Ourselves
Title: Flour Babies
Author: Anne Fine
Winning Year: 1992

When the annual school science fair comes round, Mr Cartright's class don't get to work on the Soap Factory, the Maggot Farm or the Exploding Custard Tins. To their intense disgust they get the Flour Babies - sweet little six-pound bags of flour that mu