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The Skinners School
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Group status: Next year's shortlist will be announced on 18th March 2019; our weekly meetings will start again after Easter. In the meantime, we're participating in SESTBA, the local themed book award!

One of the weekly groups

The Balloon Debate with TWGGS, SKA and TWGSB on Monday 18th June was a fantastic event - here's looking forward to the 2019 award and of course the debate....


After the Fire by Michael
After the fire tells the tale of Moonbeam, a 17 year old girl who is in a mental health facility after a terrible fire in the cult she used to be a pa . . .
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Where the World Ends by Brodie
I believe that the book Where the World Ends, has a good plot line and good character development but, to be frank, takes quite a long time to get st . . .
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Saint Death by Keir
An interesting tale, spread over just one day. I love the complexity to it, and it is a book that makes me think. Every page of this Mexican based sto . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Keir
Despite myself having grown beyond the age group this book was primarily aimed at, i still thoroughly enjoyed it. It brings a quality that is rare to . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Huw
A childish book that is enjoyable and witty at every turn, and addresses the stereotypes in society as well as the effect of fascist dictators on soci . . .
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The Hate U Give by Huw
A thrilling story that discovers and addresses the differences between African Americans and the White community in America as well as the Police and . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Keir
Good book. . . .
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After the Fire by Huw
A gripping story that intertwines fear and control of the world that Moonbeam lives in, and the strength and hope that she shows. An inspiring book. . . .
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The Hate U Give by Brodie
The Hate U Give is a very realistic book that tells you how hard it is living in a minority community especially when racism takes a hold. It is a ve . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Oliver
Wed Wabbit was a good, if slightly unrealistic, novel. i feel it is a book on multiple levels, the 'Wimbley Woo' fun side of it that younger kids like . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Max
I liked this book because it is an interesting story. It is a bit unrealistic but it's really funny and exciting. It also kept me thinking due to its . . .
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Saint Death by Michael
Saint Death tells the tale of Arturo, a teenager who earns his living gambling for Pesos. Arturo's friend Faustino turns up at his shack one night . . .
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The Hate U Give by Michael
The Hate U Give expertly portrays modern racism in the US police force against African-Americans. THUG is expertly written and it changed some of my o . . .
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Tunbridge Wells Grammar School For Boys
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Holmewood Shadowers
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
St. Gregorys Catholic School
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Bennett Memorial Diocesan School
Which book hooks you in the quickest?

After the Fire
Beyond the Bright Sea
Saint Death
The Hate You Give
Wed Wabbit
Where the World Ends
Title: Buffalo Soldier
Author: Tanya Landman
Winning Year: 2015

Charley, a young African-American slave from the Deep South, is freed at the end of the American Civil War. When her adopted mother is raped and lynched at the hands of a mob, Charley finds herself alone with no protection. Trapped in a world of injustice


Tunbridge Wells Grammar School For Boys

Skinners' Kent Academy Shadowers

Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar