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Whitgift School
Group status: The three R's. Reading, Reviewing and Revising!

Whitgift Readers!

We are a happy and lively group, with opinions on just about everything! Every Monday after school we munch our way through all the sweet food on the planet, with a little reading on the side!


Bone Talk by Rohan
Bone Talk has probably been my favourite book in this year’s Carnegie Challenge. The author Candy Gourlay has created a really interesting story line . . .
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Rebound by louis
Rebound has probably been my favourite book in the Carnegie Shortlist. This is because Kwame Alexander wrote the book in verse form. I liked that . . .
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Long Way Down by Anish
I think that Long Way Down was a great because it had lots of twists. When the people came into the elevator, they gave Will the choice to follow the . . .
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Long Way Down by Nicolas
Long Way Down is a good book. The rules are in my opinion a bit demanding as you can't force people to kill. You should also remember that everyone . . .
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Long Way Down by Rohan
The Long Way Down is written in free verse it is not a book I would normally have picked up and has not been my most enjoyable read. I will accept tha . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Pavel
I found this book quite fascinating. It was quite mystical due to its darker tones in dealing with death. I thought that the use of toys as charac . . .
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The House with Chicken Legs by Rohan
The House with Chicken Legs was an interesting book. It involved chapters with varying genres such as Fantasy, Adventure and Magic. I feel the author . . .
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A Skinful of Shadows by Kaylon
This book is set during the English Civil War and so the story is quite dramatic. Although this might sound cliche, the main character Makepeace i . . .
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A Skinful of Shadows by Anish
I thought this was a good book even though I don't usually read ghost stories so would not have chosen to read this one if it had not been in the Carn . . .
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Rebound by Charlie
I don't usually choose books about sport, so I was reluctant to read Rebound but as the story progressed it really grew on me. I thought it was gr . . .
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Selsdon Library TRG
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Selsdon Library Family Reading Group, Croydon
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Title: A Monster Calls
Author: Patrick Ness
Illustrator: Jim Kay
Winning Year: 2012

The monster shows up after midnight. It isn't the one Conor has been expecting; the one from his nightmare; the one he has had nearly every night since his mother started her treatment. But this new monster is ancient, and wild, and it wants something jus


Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds is a New York Times bestselling author, a National Book Award Honoree, a Kirkus Award winner, a Walter Dean Myers Award winner, an NAACP Image Award Winner, and the recipient of multiple Coretta Scott King honors. His debut n . .