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Woodbridge Bright Sparks
Group status: we're sleeping
Our group is from Woodbridge primary school and consists of 3 boys and 5 girls :- my name is charlie seller and i am 10 years old i am very sporty and play the guitar. my name is maddie and i have 2 guineapigs and i love green, elephants & carrots! my name is tasha webb hammond i have a dog called mischeif i play the cello and lots of other other istruments# My name is Ben Brown and I love lots of animals like octopuses and most aquatic. life Hi my name is Gina, and I like Kittens, and reading. Hiya, my name is Amy. I love swimming and horse riding. I also get up at 5:15am on a Tuesday to swim! Hi my name is Jevan, i love reading and i've only just found books that i enjoy but its always good to find a book that you enjoy. My name is Esme Harrington i love my dog Bess. I am 9 years old and hate brussel sprouts and brocoli. My fav food is Lasanaga!