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The Unknowns
Hounslow, Middlesex
Group status: Struggling to get these reviews done...

The Carnegie Shadowing Group, 2011

This year's bunch of readers are currently loving exploring the different novel styles and theme. We're taking our time and really enjoying the shortlist books this year.

Radnor House
Twickenham, Surrey
St Mark's Catholic School
Hounslow, Middx
SRR Readers
The Waldegrave Book Club
How is reading a Carnegie book going so far?

Title: Here Lies Arthur
Author: Philip Reeve
Winning Year: 2008

"There's nothing a man can do that can't be turned into a tale...". Britain. AD 500. Gwyna's new master Myrddin says he's not an enchanter, yet he works his own kind of magic. He turns Gwyna from a slave-girl into a goddess, a boy, and a spy - and A